Visit this slope-style, terrace-like part of the reef if you want to see some whitetip reefsharks - spotting them is almost guaranteed there! Keep an eye on your dive computer and watch your bottom time carefully!


Maybe the most impressive dive site around the island! When the current is right it’s pretty hard to control one’s breath due to the vast amount of fish surrounding the divers. Start your dive at the vertical part of the wall, watch out for big pelagics in the blue and enjoy the end of the dive on the shallow reef top.


Another wall dive at the northern part of the reef surrounding Apo Island. Perfect to experience a unique light ambience at late afternoon dives. Groups of bumphead parrotfish visit the shallow part of this site frequently.


Catch a glimpse of the magnificent soft corals at the reef’s corner before you turn to the southern part of this dive site for more fish life or to the western part if you want to see a wide variety of corals.


The reef in front of the ranger station at Apo Reef is one of most versatile dive sites around and offers slope-style as well as wall dives. Watch out for mantas and hammerheads in the blue!


Located at the outer edge of Apo Reef, spectacular reef formations are the main attraction at Shark Ridge: overhangs, small caves and their covering of vegetation. Advanced level not necessary but recommended.

APO 29

Apo 29 is a rarely visited sea mountain south from the main reef. With its shallowest point at around 30 meters this place can only be visited by advanced divers on overnight trips. NITROX gives you a big advantage on this unpredictable but definitely exciting dive!


Although Apo Reef might not be famous for its wreck diving this unknown freighter has become a hiding-place for many fish. Lying at max. 12 meters the decaying bones of this wreck are entirely overgrown by manifold corals – a nice and easy dive!

Apo Reef map with its dive sites

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